National Stadium Bukit Jalil in Malaysia

  • Real-time lightning warning for players and spectators
  • Installed on a neighbouring rooftop
  • Activates a warning siren


Malaysia has the third highest lightning activity in the world and this increases during the inter-monsoon periods of April, May, September, and October. Reports estimate that, between 2008 and 2017, there have been over 100 fatalities in the country due to lightning strikes. Extra precautions are needed to keep people safe from lightning.


As the largest stadium complex in Malaysia, it has nine football fields, which requires an advanced system capable of covering this large area.

Our Solution:

The BTD-200 is a complete detection and warning system and is able to reliably detect the local presence of all forms of lightning out to a range of 35km-radius from the sensor.

For optimal coverage, the system was mounted on the rooftop of the neighbouring eight-story athlete apartment building.  A tsunami siren has also been mounted alongside for additional coverage.

The BTD-200 Lightning Works PC software  displays the covered area on a digital map. Currently, its 35km-radius effectively covers a large part of the capital city, from Rawang in the north to Nilai in the south, as well as the soccer pitches.

Its fully automatic alarm triggering system is tiered by the proximity of detected lightning activity:

  • Lightning within 35km – warning is triggered
  • Lightning with 9km – alert is triggered

This in turn activates a siren so that people can evacuate the area, if necessary, in a safe and informed manner.


The installation was completed by Jebsen & Jessen Malaysia Sdn Bhd
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