Advanced lightning warning –
protect your players, your visitors and your staff

The BTD-200 lightning warning system is a modular system which is designed to operate out-of-the-box, but is also expandable as requirements grow or change. The essential system comprises of a lightning detector which is placed outside, whilst a PC located indoors runs the supplied Lightning Works software (LW). The system includes a power supply and (optionally) the cabling to connect to the power and the host PC.

Detects cloud-to-ground, intra-cloud and cloud-to-cloud lightning

Complete, out-of-the-box warning system with minimal installation

Fully automatic alarm triggering

Warns of the most dangerous (overhead) lightning risk even before the first lightning strike

Advanced, automatic self-test to ensure system operation

Accurate 35km (22miles) detection range

The BTD-200 Lightning Alert System

The BTD-200 lightning warning system is a complete detection and warning system which has been developed from the Biral range of professional aviation grade lightning detection systems. Its proven detection technology reliably detects the presence of all forms of lightning out to a range of 35km (22 miles) from the sensor.

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Applications & Case Studies

There are many applications where the ability to reliably warn of the presence of thunderstorms can increase both safety and productivity. The leisure industry must consider and manage the risks posed by thunderstorms to both customers and staff at outdoor events whether they are golf courses, sports stadia, concerts or theme parks.

Reliable thunderstorm detection allows these operations to take the appropriate safety precautions in a timely manner and only when necessary. Once the storm threat has passed, normal operations can be resumed quickly and safely, so protecting both life and revenues.

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